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Miracles and motivation. These are the two words that best describe Chris & Deanna Homrich. Deanna’s childhood miracle would shape her foundation, her faith, and even her direction in real estate. And Chris’ fateful experience fresh out of college would spark the motivation that would lead to several positions of prominence in the Fortune 500 world. Together, their paths converge today to form a dynamic team that helps people who are in transition.

Deanna grew up on Reelfoot Lake in Northwest Tennessee. When she was in the 4th grade and in an attempt to surprise her mom by cleaning up the kitchen, she spilled hot grease down the entire right side of her body, producing third degree burns over 30 percent of her body. While in the emergency room, her doctor, parents and grandparents were all praying over her. At that time they were told that she would most likely need a series of painful skin grafts, but the actual outcome was very different. Today she doesn’t have one scar from that incident. It’s a constant reminder that miracles do happen. That incident no doubt shaped and led Deanna to choose the first phase of her career, becoming a Physical Therapist. A 15+ year career working in the healthcare industry allowed her to showcase her kind, generous and nurturing personality. Turns out, her work in therapy would also prepare her well for real estate years later. Her “give it everything you’ve got” demeanor demonstrates the positivity and patience her clients have come to love. And her clients aren’t the only ones. In 1992, she met Chris, and they’ve been happily married now for over 25 years with 2 beautiful daughters.

Chris grew up in Bay City, Michigan. It was through his Dad’s tenacity that Chris learned about personal responsibility and the right to own his destiny. So imagine hearing the words, “you don’t have what it takes”, as an ambitious young man who has just completed his MBA in Finance, and is out to conquer the world. Chris Homrich listened intently as the Fortune 500 boss completed his first performance evaluation with those very words. Then he vowed to prove him wrong. The rest of that story is, Chris went on to become Treasurer and Vice President of an even larger company, and 15 years later, that same boss applied for a job working for Chris. And that’s when he learned that you should never accept someone else’s idea of your own worth. He has served in a variety of financial roles, including Treasurer, CFO and COO of several companies. His success stemmed from the fact that he made a decision to become something that he never had--a mentor. That continues to change his life, and the lives of others to this day.

Chris & Deanna have always had a passion for beautiful spaces, a life of service and the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area where they found each other all those years ago. As empty nesters with a wealth of knowledge and experience from buying, selling and investing in multiple homes and even a couple of businesses over their 25+ years together, they decided to match their talents and passions to become a residential real estate team for people in transition, appropriately known as The Homrich Team Nashville, Your Greater Nashville Area Transition Agents. Today, they help people who are in transition better prepare for what’s next, so they can obtain a home and/or a community more suited to their changing needs and lifestyle. They specialize in helping their clients integrate seamlessly and as stress-free as possible into their new home and community, assisting with any and all relocation efforts (both to and from the Nashville area). They possess a genuine care and concern for people who are transitioning, for whatever reason, and the challenges they face.

When Chris and Deanna aren’t assisting their clients through their next transition, they are giving back to their community. Chris is a Board Member and Treasurer of both Central Tennessee and the State of Tennessee B.A.C.A.® organizations (Bikers Against Child Abuse). Deanna is also a Supporter of the organization. He and Deanna support B.A.C.A.® further by donating 5% of their real estate earnings from every closed sale. They also financially support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. They are also rabid Nashville Predators fans and enjoy the Nashville entertainment scene with friends and family that like to frequently visit Nashville. They love to travel on vacations with their two incredible daughters, Lauren and Anna. As an extension of their ‘family first’ philosophy, they believe buying or selling a home is much more than a transactional investment--it’s a transitional investment toward a better way to live life!